Thursday, September 07, 2006

Singapore Airport

Instead of leaving our luggage at the hotel after checking out, we went straight towards the airport, pausing only to eat a quick breakfast. In the past week or two I've had a lot of breakfast Rotis. This is essentially a bread dough pancake with a side of curry sauce to dip it in. Some people might think curry is a bit weird for breakfast but I prefer it to cornflakes.

Our flight time wasn't until 01:00 the next day, so what were we doing getting to the airport at 12:30. Well, Changi airport is a great place to waste some time, and I had a few things I wanted to do. Firstly we needed to reclaim the sales tax from our laptop. Secondly we wanted to re-arrange the date of our flight to New Zealand. Air New Zealand's support office was closed, so we just checked in and went into the departure lounge. The refund of the tax was straightforward enough.

Because of the annoying dust speck inside my camera I wanted to have a look at the electronics shops to see if they had any reasonable deals on cameras. They didn't have what I wanted at the price I wanted to pay unfortunately. I kept looking in the hope that some new stock might materialize, but strangely it didn't happen.

The airport has many free Internet terminals, various for pay and free wireless networks and areas to plug in laptops for power and Ethernet. We used the latter facility a lot and finally got up to date with our photos on Flickr as well as booking some accommodation for Australia. The time flew away quite quickly and seemingly very suddenly, night had fallen. And it was time for our flight. We panicked a little when, after the scanning and boarding pass checks, waiting for the plane to actually board my name was called out. I was dreading something having gone wrong with our tickets or our baggage or something. It was OK in the end though, they just said that the TV on my seat was broken and could they move us to different seats. Phew.

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