Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Disco inferno

At the weekend we travelled up to Nottingham. Gemma was there for bridesmaids dress fittings and Jo's hen night. Andy on the other hand was having a fairly sedate stag night in Sheffield, so I went with him. He, quite sensibly in my opinion, didn't want any of the normal shenanigans that go along with such evenings, just a nice meal and a night out with his mates.

That's pretty much what we had. We got to Ste's house in the afternoon to find him complaining that he had to go play a gig whilst having an illness. Bird Flu he thought it was. After he left to go soundcheck we met up with Daz and Ian and went to the pub down the road.

Noodle King was Andy's chosen restaurant, and very nice it was too. I was a little disappointed that for a Thai place, all the staff were Chinese, so I didn't get to practise my Thai. The food was nice though which made up for that.

After calling into a couple more pubs on our way to the Leadmill we found the entrance blocked by a couple of police officers and a burning burger van. The policewoman was pushing Andy around and telling him to get round the corner because of the threat of exploding gas cannisters. I think Andy replied something to the effect of, "How am I supposed to take a photo from round the corner", wielding his phone in front of him.

We gave up waiting about for the all clear and went for a drink in the cinema bar instead. It was 1 o'clock by the time we got into the Leadmill. That's the first time I've been there and I very much enjoyed it. When we left all the kebab shops were closed though which was a bummer.