Saturday, September 23, 2006

Otago Peninsular

Our vague plan for the day was to go see the Otago Peninsular. This juts out into the ocean, as peninsulars tend to, next to Dunedin. On the way out of town we had to stop at a Warehouse store for some gas bottles for the hobs. They also had a CD sale on so I bought some more CDs. A surf music compilation, a Grates CD (great) and a New Zealand Hip Hop thing, Tourettes (not so great). The surf thing and random local Hip Hop thing were only a couple of bucks each so it didn't really matter.

The peninsular was nice. We drove to the end of the road to the Albatross centre. Although, because of breeding season, we couldn't get to the colony. We also had a fruitless search down gravel tracks for penguins and seals. We would be hard pushed to find pengiuns as they only arrive just before sunset and no seals or sea lions had decided to hang out on the beach that day. We did find a lovely little beach, almost deserted, except for a couple of surfers. The sky was blue, the grass green, the baby lambs cute so not seeing any wildlife didn't really bother us.

Although our original vague plan had called for us to move on down the coast from Dunedin, we ended up staying in Dunedin's St. Kilda area at Dunedin Holiday Park. We had pulled over seeing a shop in front of the park and trying to get some chips for lunch. Gemma and I looked at each other and both said at the same moment, 'Maybe we should just stay here.' So we did.

The beach was nearby so we walked down to it and had an ice cream (the rock and roll lifestyle, eh?) When we got back several identical four wheel drives had parked in front of our van and were being cleaned by young army types in camouflage gear. Every time I strayed from the van I would find a huddle of these teenage soldiers milling about.

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