Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Chop

Whilst in Surin Tim and I decided to have our haircut, or rather I decided for Tim as his hair was rapidly becoming a mullet. I dislike having my haircut at the best of times, disliking the typical hairdresser chat. As I am already in Thailand on holiday I figured that they couldn't very well ask where I was going on my holidays, so bravely walked into one of the very many hairdressers on our street.

My hairdresser was called Nit which amused me. Nit asked me what I wanted. I pointed to her hair as it looked a similar style to how I have mine cut at home. "Oh, mine o.k". The next 15 minutes were quite painful as I sat watching my mane like hair being hacked away and falling away in handfulls. Tim remarked that there was enough hair on the floor for two wigs. I have been trying to grow my hair for some time. No longer.

I'm sure that Nit "cut" my hair like hers, but Thai hair is a lot thicker than my wispy hair so isn't exactly like hers. I'm sure I have conjured up all sorts of images of lovely hairstyles, but actually it is ok and I like it. The plus is it is a lot lighter which is good in this heat. Tim's is alright. He had the standard shave, but he had some job getting them to use the shortest setting on the shaver with much consternation on their part. We can't complain anyway as the two haircuts cost two quid total.

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