Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bangkok -the return

We spent 2 nights in Bangkok, again eschewing Khao San road, this time staying at the same place as Patrick and Noi, V.P. Tower. This is where Patrick used to live when he was in Bangkok teaching English a few years back. The staff recognised him, probably from the amount of times he had to ask for the toilet to be unblocked.

We didn't really do a lot in Bangkok this time as it rained a lot and we simply couldn't be bothered. The area local to V.P. Tower (Victory Monument area) had enough eateries and bars to keep us busy so we pretty much stayed around there except for a brief foray down to a mall in town so Patrick could buy some flip flops. We somehow managed to lose him in the mall. I quite enjoyed looking out from the balcony of our room (on the 17th, and top, floor) watching people scurrying about their business, like ants, on the pavements below.

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