Friday, August 11, 2006

Auntie Gemma

I am an Auntie again! My sister had a baby girl on the 3rd August. They have decided to call her Lily with Paige as her middle name in memory of her big sister. It is an emotional time and I wish I could give my sister a big hug.

I have seen photos of Lily and she is gorgeous (although I suppose I am biased) she has loads of hair which neither Paige or Max had when they were born. Joanne and Paul weren't sure what name her, but apparently Lily suits her.

Apparently Max has taken to her and runs over to her cot and stands on tiptoe to look in. He has even offered her "puppy' which is his special toy, so he must love her!

It is difficult being away at times like these. It will make coming home even more special though. I was in Australia when Paige was born and one of my most special memories is arriving home from the airport and seeing her for the first time.

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