Friday, June 09, 2006

A wimp?

I have to reply to one of Tim's posts maybe two, that refer to me as unadventourous and suggests that I am a wimp!For those who know me, maybe the latter is true, but in this case I have to say that we would not have been able to have walked that particular path without the aid of a a machete, which due to just takiing carry on luggage I was unable to fit in my bag. In the case of the Cheetah incident; Whilst on a game drive the night before, our guide informed us that if we were attacked by a cheetah, we wouldnt know about it, as they are very stealthy, aiming straight for the kidneys. With this in mind I bravely entered the Cheetahs den as everyone else did (ok maybe not bravely. Maybe it was more a case of that i didn't want to look like a scaredy cat!) So as we all edged into the pen, after being warned not to turn our backs or make any sudden movements, I remembered our guide from the night befores cheery information. Convinced the cats were feigning boredom and the one in the corner was going to pounce straight for my kidneys at any minute, I pretended to listen to our guide. Finally he finished his talk and we edged out. I made it safely to behind the fence. Tim asked me why I was so scared. I reminded him of the guides information about the capabilities of these "harmless" kitties and asked him how he and the rest of the group, aware of this knowledge, could be so calm.

"She was talking about leopards Gem".

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