Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wicky wah wah wah

After going into hysterics in the small town of Montagu for some reason we again hit the road. We went up another scenic drive, Mitchell's Pass, towards the town of Ceres. It was Sunday and mostly everything was deserted except for some shady looking blokes who detatched themselves from their group and came hustling toward the car as we were parking it. My spidersense began tingling quite badly so I got Gemma to stick the car back in gear and head back off down the road. Their are several lookout points on the pass, which would be lovely but for all the litter strewn around.

In the town of Darling the woman at the tourist info was unable to find us any reasonably priced accomodation so she suggested continuing on to the coast and the town of Yzerfontein. We followed her suggestion. At the caravan park the bloke was very rude and made it seem like he didn't want us there so we drove through the town until we found a little self catering place that the info woman had mentioned. Luckily the woman was there showing the previous nights guests out. It was over our budget at R400 a night, but we were knackered so we booked in anyway. We were glad we did. The place was very nice, all massive windows and balconies overlooking the bay. Because we were on the west coast we were able to watch the sun go down from the balcony, drinking a bottle of wine. A nice relaxing end to a busy day.

The next morning we had an early walk out along the clifftop watching for whales, but didn't see any.

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