Thursday, June 08, 2006


Along the road from Storms River Mouth we saw a sign for the Big Tree so we pulled in. It's a big tree, so they weren't lying. 800 years old or something equally as mad. We missed the turning for Cape St. Francis and had to go out of our way to get there. We'd seen the name Seal Point in the Lonely Planet and thought we'd go check the seals out. There weren't any seals, I guess they got exterminated a long time ago. All that was there was a lighthouse, a surf break and attendant surfers and a lot of wind. We carried on. We missed another turning on the way back to the road and ended up driving through a township attached to the town of Humansdorp. These were at least brick built buildings, not the corrugated iron shacks that we'd seen elsewhere. Eventually we found our way onto the correct road and got ourselves to Jeffreys Bay (J-Bay to the locals). Ended up in a flatlet in a backpackers right on a internationally renowned surf break (Supertubes). It was very entertaining sitting on the beach watching the surfers.

That night I developed a bad case of sickness and diarrhoea -which was quite horrible. In retrospect perhaps it was a bad idea to have a service station meat pie for breakfast. I must remember that in the future.

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