Sunday, July 04, 2010

On our way

I had to set an early out of office on my e-mail at work to let me wind down the number of jobs I had to do. Gradually I cleared the decks though and the end of Friday eventually appeared and let me get off home. Jen and Daz picked us up and we set off for Bury to spend the night with Jen's parents.

After a very nice picky tea, Jen's dad twisted myself and Daz's arms and took us out for a couple of pints at a microbrewery in the locality. If I'm honest it wasn't much of an arm twist that convinced us, although, also being honest we probably shouldn't have been drinking ale as it played havoc with both our guts the next morning.

An early start was made even earlier by a text message from Andy waking us up. I am still pondering how to repay him for that one. I am sure I will think of something. Jen's dad took us to the airport where we had a reasonably uneventful check-in and boarding, other than me being selected for a body scan going through security and then a pat down at boarding. That isn't overly uncommon though, I think I just have a suspicious looking face or something.

I normally find plane journeys uncomfortable, dull and boring. Delta 065 being no exception. The lack of seat back entertainment systems didn't help, although having the ipod touch was a boon. Jo didn't feel too good throughout the flight, which was unfortunate. The guy next to me was fairly comical and kept nodding off and doing that head-fall-forward, head-snap-back thing.

On arrival at Atlanta things took a turn for the confusing. The information given out on the plane, via the in-flight magazine and video was that despite having filled in an online ESTA form the green waiver form would still be required. Signs at the airport seemed to confirm this but neither the plane or the airport had forms available. After baggage claim we had to re-check our baggage and go through the whole security theatre of taking our shoes off, random body scanning - which I avoided, and luggage X-ray. Then had to take a train to another baggage claim area for more waiting about staring at a carousel. I am still utterly confused as to what purpose that whole thing served.

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