Friday, July 09, 2010


With the aim of getting the maximum time possible in New Orleans we decided to break the journey in Mobile. We quickly realised when we got there that there wasn't much chance of doing anything significant as most places were closed following the 4th July celebrations. We had a chat to the very nice ladies at Fort Conde, essentially a tourist information and small museum. They were fairly down on our chances of doing much interesting but did point us at a few things.

We went for lunch at a place Jo's guidebook described as doing killer sandwiches. They weren't kidding, certainly in my case. All feeling somewhat lethargic we booked into and travelled to a Comfort Inn a short way up the highway. We all agreed to have a chilled day and try and recover some of our energy, which is what we did. The others went in the pool - during which time it tipped it down. I just hung out watching daft stuff on BET and then films. If I thought the ad breaks were annoying in films on British TV...

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