Thursday, April 13, 2006

Physical Tickets

We went out for dinner with Nicola & Karl on Monday, and Nicola gave us our tickets. Wooop!

Unfortunately because of Air New Zealand, we have to have physical tickets not e-tickets. Which is annoying because it is something to lose. Hopefully that won't happen though. It seems that because the fare is a single booking, through ticketing, that we have to have paper tickets for all legs of the journey, even though only Air New Zealand are requiring them.

Other than that everything seems in order, except that we've already had a time change so need to revalidate our tickets anyway -plus we have to put back our last flight (from San Francisco) otherwise we'll only have 3 days in the USA.

Also on Monday we had the second set of expensive jabs for Japanese B Encephalitis and Rabies.

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