Sunday, April 02, 2006


After many hours poring over various policies on the net we decided to go with Endsleigh for our insurance. The policy has cost us roughly £400, covering both of us and including quite a lot of sports/activities as standard. We went for a policy without luggage cover, because we aren't planning on taking anything valuable other than our cameras and the premium plus excess makes it not worth the bother insuring. We chose the 'long term holiday' policy over the 'backpacker' and the 'gap year' policies. Mainly because the cover seems to be identical as far as I can tell, yet the backpacker insurance would have cost an extra £30. I think it may be another one of those cases of marketing as the budget option but actually slightly increasing the price. We had initially looked at STA, but they just resell Endsleigh, and Endsleigh were cheaper and the website much more comprehensible so they won the business directly.

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