Saturday, February 25, 2006

Resigned to my fate

I handed my notice in this week. Then retracted it. Then handed it in again. Rach noticed that I'd put 28th April down as my last day, but the following Monday is a bank holiday. I may as well get paid for it, so I rescued the letter to HR from the pigeon hole and swapped the one I'd given to my boss. So my new leaving date is the 2nd of May. I hope to build up enough flex that I don't actually have to go in that day. I am also owed a fair bit of holiday which I'll just get paid for. It all feels like its coming together now.

We haven't booked the tickets yet as we are waiting for Gemmas blood tests to come back and confirm that she is fit to go away, as she has been ill for the best part of a month. Nicola told us last night that the airlines have requested that the tickets be booked or the hold released on them for some portions of the journey by 2nd March. Gemma's blood test results should be back by then hopefully so we should be able to book. If not I have told Nicola that we are completely flexible on the dates.

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