Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Inject me for gods sake

I took the whole day off in order to go to the North Sea Medical centre in Gorleston for my consultation about travel jabs. We arrived far too early and were forced to wander up and down Gorleston's high street for amusement. We didn't find any.

Eventually it we had the consultation, the nurse looked up a bunch of stuff on a website, wrote us a list each and printed some web pages about Malaria. For which she charged us the princely sum of £40. She went on to say that they would charge us loads to give us the actual jabs and that we should go to the GP. I feel somewhat like I am being passed from pillar to post now, but Gemma has arranged another appointment with the nurse at our surgery. I can get all the normal jabs there, but I'll have to go back to Gorleston if I want jabs for Japanese B Encephelitis and Rabies. 3 times. I may not bother.

Gorleston really drained me. I felt like a cloud of depression fell over me as soon as we stepped into the town centre. Over a cup of lukewarm chocolate I questioned Gemma about the sheer futility of life. As soon as we were in the car and pointing towards Lowestoft I cheered up.

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