Sunday, October 08, 2006


Tim has had to work really hard today. I don't know how he has done it. I only had to drive backwards and forwards around Marlborough District. I was lucky, I didn't have to drink many many hand-crafted boutique wines. Tim on the other hand bravely rose to the challenge. Five wineries, six or seven tasters in each.

In one winery we were served by a European girl. Quite a scary girl in fact. She was very knowledgeable about wine though. I tried not to laugh when she breathily said, “it's silky on the throat”. You could almost hear her trying to put the silk into her voice. I foolishly asked where she was from only to regret it when she said, “where do you think I'm from?” I replied, “Oh, I'm not very good with accents.” To which she responded (scarily), “You've heard enough of my accent to guess now, NOW GUESS!” Tim suddenly became very interested in the tasting notes as I nervously ventured a guess. “Ummm Italian?” I knew it was wrong, but could not think of a better answer. I awaited her reply with trepidation, but she matter of factly said “Oh. No, Czech republic”.

Next stop was Highfields which a lady at our first stop had recommended for the views from the top of a tower. As we walked in a lady approached us asking what she could do for us today. Tim promptly said, quite loudly in his Geordie accent, “For starters I'd like to have a look up your tower!” The lady looked quite surprised then bemused before she showed us to it. The view was lovely with 360 degree views over the wine region and surrounding mountains. We sat in the garden whilst I drank a hot chocolate (oh how I treat myself) and watched two dogs racing round. I love dogs.

Tim drank more wine and lost the ability to navigate. I am sure he had the map upside down at one point. We managed to find our way to the ('70's) caravan park and now I am drinking the fruits of his labour. Although I didn't partake in the tasting today I had a really nice day.

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