Saturday, May 20, 2006

In Africa

Well, we are here. Unfortunately it is their winter and it has rained quite heavily every day. On the other hand coming here in the winter has its advantages as some stuff is cheaper and places less busy.

We don't let the rain get in our way though and it doesn't detract from the fact that South Africa is a very beautiful country. We have seen some stunning views and having hired a car has made them more accessible. Table Mountain is very beautiful and we hope to go up it, weather permitting, when we return to Cape Town. We are currently on our 3 week tour of the western and Eastern Cape. I have got used to the car now. It was bit scary at first as it felt very different to George (my old car) and I barely had to touch the accelerator, where in George I had to press down hard! This had the outcome of us hopping down the road for a while! It's a lovely place to drive though, when you get used to everyone ignoring road rules! The roads aren't very busy so you can actually get places and as I have said the scenery is beautiful.

I feel like we are getting into the swing of things now. Our last night at the hostel was cool. We joined in on a drumming lesson and Eddy the tutor had us banging our djembes for 2 and a half hours until he thought we were no longer beginners!

We have seen our first African wildlife which I felt intensely excited about! We have seen Baboons, Ostriches, Rock dassies (which look like big guinea pigs, but are actually related to elephants!) and penguins. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

I'm really happy to be here! (even if it is raining!)

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